Old Trafford as it is famous known as, has witness a downslide in these past few long years, The Theatre of dreams as the ground was referred to as has gotten quite a remarkable new tag “THEATRE OF DRAWS” by other premier league fans who is quite enjoying the disastrous events that has taken its toll since Sir Alex Ferguson left ön a high by winning the 2012 BPL and retiring on a high.


Its been five years on an Manchester United has become what they have criticised other big four teams of doing. The self chosen David Moyes who replaced Sir Alex could not replicate the 49 trophies the British gaffer won.

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Louis Van Gaal fresh from his heroics with the Netherland took helm of affair after David Moyes was fired leaving United languishing in seventh place with no hopes and no European football.


Van Gaal’s reign was equally shortlived as his 3-5-2 formation failed totally and he lost total control of the dressing room. He was subsequently dismissed.

Thereafter the self acclaimed special one fresh from his woeful season at chelsea took charge, despite the warning shots fired by one of United’s greats Sir Bobby Charlton who branded mourinho too short termed for a massive team with great history like manchester united.

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Sir Alex ferguson’s reign at manchester united was glorious as He racked in Trophies with Aplomb, the welshman’s 27 years at United was laden with 49 trophies of which 13 were Epl trophies, 3 were CHAMPIONS LEAGUE trophies, and other domestic titles.


Nevertheless Mourinho’s nearly short term of Managerial years have been filled with success, from Porto to Inter to Chelsea, the portugese wonder has never failed proving himself on all platform, his short term and Real madrid may well be a weakness in the 52 year old’s C.V, it is acclaimed that he is a manager on a short term, and this has led to his dismissal at teams like Chelsea.



,Although his current stay at United may have been shaky, but he has master minded the Capital one to United already, and is almost on the verge of Europa league success. He has nearly succeded in building a team, and next season will only tell what the future holds for the special one.

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