Arsene wenger have been the subject of debate, for more than 12 years among Arsenal fan, who has deemed it fit for the gaffer to go. Though the french man did quenched flames by winning two FA CUPS in two seasons back to back to silence wagging tongues who after 8 years trophyless drought that saw the club sell most of the key players like Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Ashley cole and many more. Although Mönsieur Wenger has qualified Arsenal for 16 years into the prestigious UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, he has failed to win an EPL trophy since 2004 when he made history by going unbeaten and historicaly won the Premier league, a feat no team has been able to match. Many has made a case for Wenger, many have called for his Sack, nevertheless the owners may not think the same.

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Stan Kroenke who own a major share at Arsenal is a bussiness man who believe in profit making. Down the years Wenger have pulled many transfer hit, buying players Like Van Persie for a little less than £7M as a fringe player and selling him for £20M to manchester United. Arsenal Fans have watched helplessly as their key players go to other clubs, season in season out. Many have left for the money, others for club success. Nevertheless Arsene wenger have given Arsenal financial prowess, wrecking in millions for fringe players whom he has groomed at the Club. He did bring in youthfulness when managers like mourinho were looking for quick success. And even at a period where Arsenal where bankrupt, due to the construction of their stadium, they never failed to contest and alway qualified in the League’s Top four teams and Wenger even as a scape goat has achieved this.


Nevertheless Football has evolved, in almost a decade other teams have gone scientific. Money have been pumped into football. Manchester city have bought two premier league titles from 2010 till date,buy almost all the world class players they scouted. Manchester United have sacked two managers in search of glory bringing in Jose Mourinho in just five years, who is on the verge of Europa league glory. Chelsea through Roman Abrahamovic have made the team into a fearsome club, racking in BPL TITLES and champions league, LIVERPOOL have spent more than £300M in search of trophies, of which they have been unfortunate. But where is Arsenal? Where is Wenger?

Though Wenger have spent quite well recently, buying Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but failed in signing major Coups like Luis Suarez who he let slip his finger, Arsenal fans have called Wenger’s tactics a total Failure, even after 22 years fan no longer trust in Arsene, now the want him out. Simply put Tottenham a rival North london will finish above Wenger for the first time since Wenger came. They may no longer boast of the favourite top four position as they now languish in 6th in the current BPL campaign. The future may be really bleak for Arsene Wenger, who may have completely lost control of Arsenal FC

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