A Facebook user identified as Chijioke Paul Okeifufe recently took to social media platform to share the story of a young girl who got impregnated by her pastor’s son.

According to the story he shared, a 26-year-old guy identified as Uche Rienne had deflowered and eventually got a church choir member pregnant.

His father who is a pastor in the church has been maltreating and shaming the girl while he gave his son a mild punishment.

The Assemblies of God’s pastor, together with his wife has shown no interest in taking proper care of the girl as they appear to be more interested in the welfare of their son who they insist will further his education.

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The girl in question is a 19-year-old choir member in the same church. According to his post, the boy had already put the girl through several abortion attempts before the news spread out.

The pastor identified as Charles even suggested to the guardian to find someone who would constantly insert their fingers to widen the girl’s private part or even let the girl use her own fingers for easy delivery.

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After threatening to release the details of the pastor and his sons if the meeting that was to be held did not go as planned, he once again took to the Facebook platform to release details of the young man and has promised to do the same for the pastor if the situation is not improved.

According to his post, the pastor eventually agreed to pay for her antenatal but said nothing about making his son marry her or provide shelter for her. According to Chijioke, the son was notably missing at the meeting.

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