A new trailer has landed for Game of Thrones. HBO’s fantasy drama returns in less than a month, and they’ve really upped the ante with season 7’s second full trailer.

We see dragons and White Walkers. We see Jon Snow, apparently once again north of the Wall. And we hear Littlefinger’s advice to Sansa:

“Don’t fight in the north, or the south. Fight every battle everywhere. Always. In your mind.”

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Here’s the trailer:

Pretty intense, right? It gave me the goosebumps. There’s so much going on here, with virtually the entire (admittedly winnowed) cast making an appearance, from Tyrion to Theon to Davos Seaworth.

We see Brienne and Podrick arrive at what appears to be the Citadel.

We see the Hound alongside the Brotherhood Without Banners, battling in the North. And we see Ser Beric Dondarrion’s sword burst into flame.


A horde of barbarians and Unsullied charges across Westeros, spill through enemy gates. Oh, and did I mention the dragons?

There’s something at once exhilarating and ominous about the trailer. I think the dread I feel watching is less thanks to the Night King and the army of the dead, and more because of Littlefinger and Sansa. I want to trust Sansa, but she still seems wrapped around Littlefinger’s…uh…little finger. Under his sway just enough to be a wildcard.

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