It’s upsetting to think that there are really people out there that don’t want to see me do well. Forgetting I’m not doing this just for me. I’m doing this so my mum doesn’t have to wake up so early to go work everyday. She can just chill. I’m doing this so I can build a foundation that will create stability in both my son’s lives. So they never ever have to ask a single soul for anything. I’m doing this so when I make it (which I will) someone can look at my story relate to it and inspire. You don’t know everyone’s story.

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1 day I Kimberly the 1 they didn’t believe in. The 1 that didn’t grow up with a dad. The single parent of 2 boys. Who ran from domestic abuse. The 1 who everyone wrote off. Will complete my purpose and succeed. Whether your with me or against me. You will never stop me.

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