A young lady who was frustrated and depressed about not getting attention from guys has done the unimaginable. She was sad and filled with lowly thoughts that she decided to satisfy her sexual desires with a CASSAVA… Yes you heard me right a cassava!!!.

She carved the mouth of a cassava to her desired shape and the body to her desired length and breath… Hmmm creative right?

It is said that 99 days for the thief and one day for the owner, it happened that she kept using her sex machine (the carved cassava) until one fateful day while using it on herself the cassava went deep into her and got stuck, she started bleeding uncontrollably and couldn’t move, so she had no other option than to cry for help.

She was then rushed to a hospital and an operation was carried on her and the CASSAVA was brought out.
Wonders they say shall never end. Share your thought!

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