Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has revealed she had sex in a public place not minding people around.

She was speaking in her interview with Trybes TV’s On My Honour.

The mother of one revealed that she has had sex at the beach, and that it went down well, even when beach-goers were present.

She said, “It was just spontaneous; it wasn’t planned. [We] just went all out. There were a lot of tourists around and nobody could be bothered.”

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She,however, advised her fans to dare to have sex on the beach, too.

She added, “You have to be very careful when [you want to do this]. You have to make sure that wherever you are doing it, or trying to do it, it’s allowed, and it is not like a country or place where people will find it offensive.”

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Juliet further disclosed that she doesn’t care if the lights are on or off, when she’s Hot. “I can’t be bothered. Anything goes,” she said.

Juliet also disclosed that she can ask a man she loves for his number.

“I don’t see it as a big deal. If I see somebody I like, I wouldn’t want the chance to pass me by,” said the actress who later went on to admit that she has “quick temper.”

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