Moyo Lawal Reacts To Game of Thrones


Moyo Lawal Reacts To Game of Thrones

Curvaceous Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has reacted to the buzz about the HBO hit series Game of Thrones by stating that the show is not worth the hype.

The actress made this known after the first episode of the season finale aired on Sunday sending fans worldwide into a frenzy.

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She shared:

“I didnt enjoy it, doesn mean i didnt understand it oooh some people be trying to school me (be claiming high IQ , jokers) …… ……… ………. …. p.s Got is Game of Thrones by the way…. i guess i understand now why porn is the highest grossing filming sector ….because .. If it is Nigeria film with more than one sex scene , people will say it is porn but American film it is art motigbo even*** Two and a half men** with sex everyday never shows us anything …”


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