It is barely 3 months Caroline Danjuma lost two people close to her, the actress is again mourning but this time a more painful death.

Caroline took to Instagram to reveal that her mother just passed away after 6 years of pain. She however, remembers her mum as the world best mother.


Sharing a photo of the both of them together Caroline wrote;

You taught me to be strong when I am going through the storm . You were my mother/ grandmother/ father / teacher/ mentor .. I was your little angel . You taught me how to write, read , cook , pray .. taught me how to be neat and you emphasised on it.

Constantly giving me words of advice since I was a child. When I go astray you scolded me then pulled me back with love ..

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I grew up meeting new faces because you believed in education , any girl that is an orphan you will bring her home and train her to university level not minding the cost and asking for nothing in return , you were a cheerful giver , an amazing artist and a super prayer warrior.

The best part of me is credited to you mummy .. I grew up being content with whatever I had because you taught me so .for 6 yrs I watched you go through pain even till the last day ..paralysis came to play..the agile mother, active and hardworking woman I knew was gone but then you never allowed it to bring your ever happy mood down .

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You were always full of life and still giving us advise when you had the strength to . When I went through my storms it tore you apart , my pains were your pain and when I was happy you were the happiest .

I was your “miss world “ most beautiful c’girl ( ur nickname for me). I am glad I made you proud to an extent . You were always there to listen to my pain ..

I am happy you are in a better place .. I will miss the way you shower me with praise when I do something good and to cheer me up , I will also miss how you scold me without pity when I am wrong .

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You are the BEST. Forever the BEST . Thank you for giving your best to raise me, for your discipline , constant prayers and endless love . My inem, eka mi, imami.. please guide me from Haven ..

I love you so much dearest love . RIP 8/2/18… as I walk through the valley of death, I fear no evil for the lord is with me �����#sometimesasmilehidesalotofpain #haventooktheirangel #4months3deaths

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