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Make Legitimate Money Online – Avoid The Scams & Find Real Ways To Make Money Online

How Can I Make Legitimate Money Online?

Make Legitimate Money Online? It’s an age-old question – Funny to think that anything about the net could be ‘age-old’ but there it is.
Many individuals have succeeded at making legitimate money online, but even more are trying and more yet have lost money to scam artists. I don’t consider scam artists as people who have learned how to make legitimate money online. They have made their money by deceiving people.
When you search online for how to make money you are beset on all sides by scams. Of course, the person selling it are just hoping to transfer your money into their wallet. Their bank account is not proof that their ideas will make you wealthy.
This is very much like the old mail order scams about stuffing envelopes. Does that scam work? The idea is the same, except that it costs you a lot more to get ripped off online.
They are trying to get you to purchase their booklet, translated = eBook. Now, there’s a bit of a problem here you see … I’ve purchased quite a lot of eBooks and some had good information in them, so it is not that they are all scams.
Back to setting up your business … If you would like to construct a business, you’ll have to be willing to work, research and be patient. Nothing happens and nobody is going to hand the magical solution to you with all the answers.
Except you can pay other people to do this for you, so don’t let this be a stumbling block for you …
Yes, you’ll find people who will sell you the exceptional program that will make it possible for you to get rich with no writing. But, don’t be fooled, guess what that’s called? A scam!
A software program that will make legitimate money online? Push a button and money shoots out the other side?!
There’s absolutely no super software that will make you rich overnight. Do you believe you would be able to purchase it if someone were to make such a program? To build an internet business, you will need to own a website. To create this site, you need to write and research a topic about it.
Once you have your site built and online, your next task will be to let the world know you’re there. People will try to sell you information on advertising too.
These programs will allow you make commission and to sell the product of someone else. You don’t have to stock anything, you do not have to collect money and you do not have to manage shipping.
There are lots of good companies out there that offer nice commissions on their goods. It really does not matter what you opt to make your website about. You’ll see someone something that will compliment your site.
Back to the original question. Yes, there are plenty of ways to make money online that aren’t scams and I’m going to list several them below …

Online Business is Real Business

Just like an offline business you need to identify a market for a good or service that people are interested in purchasing, put together a good offer and build a business…

Hard work is required Make Legitimate Money Online

Due to the nature of computers and the internet which have the ability to automate and streamline systems, there is an ability to create “passive” income, but this often requires a good deal of initial work to set up.

You’re Not Going To Be An Overnight Millionaire

There, I said it! I hope you weren’t thinking the internet was like a giant lottery ticket and you were just about to purchase the magic ticket…
You can make a lot of money, but you do it the old-fashioned way – you work for it – It can be easier, faster and more lucrative than offline, but you still work for it…
You’ll find flukes and exceptions in every business – who knows maybe you’ll be one
But, don’t build your business based on the notion that you’ll be the one person who was a fluke.
Let me give you…

10 Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

1.  Make a Living as a Freelancer To Make Legitimate Money Online

If you have a skill that can add value to other people or a business it’s possible to get started sometimes in a weekend…
This is an easy way to make money online if you have a skill.
A large portion of the US workforce works as a freelancer, over 35% by some estimates.

Here are some of the many Freelancing opportunities that exist and there many more that are not listed here.
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
App Developer
Virtual Assistant
Some of the Freelancer Sites:
  1. Training and Teaching

Many individuals make either full or part-time income through teaching, training, coaching or tutoring online.
  1. Offering Services

Consider where you have a talent and what service you can provide over the internet. Get creative with this… Look online at what other people are marketing there are as many opportunities as there are ideas
  1. Create Products To Make Legitimate Money Online

Literally, anything you are good at can be turned into a course or e-book. Just don’t make a course about how to sell more courses and e-books unless you really are an expert at marketing, otherwise, you’re probably a scammer…
  1. Membership Sites

Membership sites often have two income models fixed-term membership sites that have a time limit, 1 year as an example or ongoing. These are excellent sources of passive revenue once established
  1. Affiliate Marketing To Make Legitimate Money Online

Affiliate marketing may be the easiest revenue generation method for internet newbies to grasp onto and make money from. Basically, you are selling other people’s products and receiving a commission. Unlike what I described earlier you don’t always need a website of your own.
  1. Advertising To Make Legitimate Money Online

Selling Ads on your website can be very lucrative if you have enough traffic to generate good revenue. Traffic and then traffic conversion are king and queen on the internet.

8. Coaching and Masterminds

If you have developed or are developing a skill in a particular area then consider monetizing it through coaching or developing a mastermind group. These can be both highly profitable and of real benefit to participants. If you’re not developing a skill you should be, so get started.

9. Earn Money by Flipping Websites To Make Legitimate Money Online

If you’re good at building websites and know how to drive traffic to them then website flipping is for you.
This is a big business opportunity online and people make large profit margins through this particular business model.

10. Write and Sell an EBook

The sky is really the limit with this. Just put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I just saw that an eleven-year-old made over twenty thousand dollars selling her book about having sleepovers. She was featured on Russel Brunson’s webcast. If she can do it so can you!
Now aside from knowing about the many opportunities to make money online the other side of the equation that holds people back is mindset, so I’ve prepared some tips for you…

Manage Your Mindset For Success

Often we struggle against reality, but what has happened in our lives doesn’t change. It’s only how we react and choose to move forward which we have control over.

Exercise the control you have over  your Attitude and You Will Accelerate Results With Your Business

We often resist the situation we find ourselves in, but why do this?? It’s reality. You lose when you struggle against reality.

When you deal with anything other than reality, you’re working from a false premise, and your solutions will be less than optimal.

The key to accepting your current situation is your mindset. A negative attitude brings about negative ideas and, more frequently than not, a bad outcome.

View life as a game that has interesting challenges and puzzles. Your job is to keep everything going, juggling balls in the air, maybe dropping one or two, while you discover a way to solve your unique challenges.

Associate with positive people who will help elevate you. Fill your circle with individuals who will uplift you with a favorable perspective, if you desire a more positive mindset.
When you manage your life responsibly, your attitude will become more positive. Procrastination and avoidance negatively affect your attitude.
Keep your mind focused on the present moment. Keep in mind right here where it is needed by you.
One way to feel worse is what is currently lacking in your life and to focus on your challenges. Make a list of all the things you experience.
Keep your self-talk positive. Say something encouraging and nice to yourself on a regular basis.
Fixing up your environment can boost your mindset. Get outside and enjoy a wonderful day. Control the things you can control, create enjoyable surroundings for yourself.
Being optimistic is much more pleasurable than being pessimistic. Pessimism is created by holding negative thoughts. Try to see the positive side of each situation and anticipate positive results from your efforts.
Notice where your ideas are directed. Are you coping with the situation at hand, or feeling annoyed that things are not going your way?
Attitudes and our beliefs cloud our perspective. A clear, open mind is a lot more likely to see a situation accurately.
Keep tabs and be more accepting of what life has to offer. As soon as you’re practicing acceptance, your situation gets easier to manage.
Life is much more stressful when you have things hanging over your head or are overly involved in the affairs of others. When you manage your life responsibly, your attitude will become more positive. Procrastination and avoidance negatively affect your attitude.
One way to feel worse is to only focus on what is currently lacking in your life. Instead, try to see the positive side of each situation and expect positive things to come your way.
Best of luck to you on your journey of success to make legitimate money online, as you can see it is certainly possible with the right knowledge and mindset!
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