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5 Steps – The Easy To Understand SEO Guide For Bloggers

The Easy to Understand SEO Guide for Bloggers

Even though it’s easy to start a blog, many people fail to sustain their efforts and never achieve any success.  The reason for this is that they never generate any traffic and as result motivation levels plummet. This easy to understand Seo Guide For Bloggers will help you to achieve the success that you deserve.
While it is true that content is king and that making search engines happy is secondary (actually by writing good content you are pleasing the search engines), you still must focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
After all, no matter how good a post you write, if nobody can find it, what’s the point?
Here are simple tips and tricks for SEO that you, as a Blogger, will be able to implement on your WordPress blog and start attracting the traffic that you deserve. Even a blog for fun needs visitors and here are simple steps to get them…

SEO Guide For Bloggers – Do this first on your posts…

  1. A catchy, keyword rich title:

 Google syndicates results according to the words contained in the title of the page. Thus, when writing a blog post, write a keyword rich title. But make sure you don’t sound too stilted. When you use boring or predictable headlines, people are less likely to click on the link.
 Even if you get ranked on the first page of Google, it won’t serve any purpose for you if people don’t click your link like crazy, and trust me this has happened many times. People use all sorts of backlinking strategies (white hat, grey hat, and black hat) get ranked highly on google and when their headlines don’t get clicked then Google starts the process of lowering their rankings (quickly)...
This is also a good reason to study what I consider to be the new secret of SEO and that’s copywriting. Write catchy headlines, but don’t make them click bait.
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is better than…
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Make sure you write catchy titles that give the gist of your blog post and ignite interest in a reader’s mind. For example, if you see the title for this post, it uses “SEO guide” as a lure for beginners who want to learn about SEO for their blogs. Some words in the title which give you better click rate are:
  • revealed
  • guide
  • top 10
  • effective
  • proven
Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. You are free to come up with your own creative titles, as long as they are keyword rich and interesting enough.
SEO Guide For Bloggers – Step #2
2. Categories– Making effective categories on your blog does not only ensure better navigability, it also ensures search engine friendliness of your blog. Using standard keyword compliant categories in your blog helps your blog get syndicated by Google. Thus, if you are maintaining a tech blog, having categories like tech review, Microsoft tips, and tricks etc., ensures better search engine results. However, avoid making too many categories and having just a couple of posts in each of those categories. Doing so can have the reverse effect- Google may penalize your blog.

3. Go for a customized URL– This is important for 2 reasons- one, customized URLs are search engine friendly; two, usually, they do not have Google Adsense restrictions. Instead of settling for something like, go for something like It always ensures better results.

4. Keep track of trending topics in your field– This is an important SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy which can bring a significant amount of traffic to your blog. Keep track of trending topics on the internet and make sure you write a post as soon as something controversial comes up in your area of interest. Doing so ensures high search engine rankings for that particular post and hence, more traffic to your blog.
If people like your content, it could mean subscriptions and a dedicated fan following for you. For example, for somebody writing a blog on book reviews, a controversy about Salman Rushdie is a good opportunity. Since people are talking about it, others are bound to find it. Thus, writing a review of the Satanic Verses, or writing a blog post on the “why the controversy” could be a good technique to fetch attention to your blog.

To keep track of trends in your field, Twitter and Youtube are great platforms to pay attention to.

5. Use keywords at the start and end of your post- This is an important SEO strategy to ensure good rankings with Google. Make sure you use relevant keywords in the first and last paragraph of your post. However, make sure that while doing so, you maintain a natural tone to your writing. Don’t annoy readers by writing robotic content.
I’ve just summarized important info for beginners and I want to point to a site that is at that top of its game and at the same time needs a bit of updating because in a post-Rankbrain world – the quality of your post matters, backlinks matter and so does dwell time (the amount of time a reader spends on your post and site). Even good content can be out of date in the ever-changing world of SEO on the internet…
Also, make sure that there is no keyword stuffing in your blog post. Well written content with 3-4 instances of keywords per 500 words is enough to bring you traffic, sooner or later.
Thanks for reading my Easy to Understand SEO Guide For Bloggers
Have you figured out the different keywords (there are several) in this article? Let me your thoughts…

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